Hey, We’re Small Cap Stocks. We’re here to simplify investing in undiscovered companies

We’re not your typical financial wizards in suits and ties – we’re dedicated to discovering those hidden gems in the stock market without the fluff and jargon.

Our Mission

At SmallCapStocks, our mission is straightforward: we’re dedicated to assisting investors in identifying promising small cap stocks that have the potential to experience substantial growth in their businesses. We’re committed to thoroughly looking for overlooked opportunities, ensuring that you can make an informed opinion.

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of informed investing. We know that not all opportunities are found on the beaten path, and by focusing on small cap stocks, we aim to provide you with an advantage in discovering these companies. 

Our Approach

Our team of seasoned writers and market observers is devoted to scouring the market, diligently finding and identifying small cap stocks with significant growth potential.

Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy is anchored in providing thorough, well-reviewed information of small-cap stocks. We aim to present a comprehensive view of the market, highlighting both opportunities and risks. Our content is crafted by financial experts with a commitment to accuracy and clarity. Transparency in our reporting is paramount, and we ensure a clear separation between editorial and advertising content. We are dedicated to making corrections swiftly and transparently. Our goal is to be a valuable, reliable resource for investors navigating the small-cap stock market.


Byron Dovey

Founder & CEO

Diving deep into the currents of finance, Byron sculpts insights and unravels market mysteries. He aims for his words to be your compass in the dynamic world of stocks, guiding you to informed decisions.

Jenn Moon


Jenn Moon is a copy editor and proofreader based out of Rochester, NY. After working in digital marketing for almost 10 years, she is passionate about producing impactful financial and fintech content.

Zeeshan Ikram

Lead Developer

Zeeshan Ikram, a talented lead developer from Pakistan, is the technological powerhouse behind smallcapstocks.com, where he expertly blends innovation with market insights. His expertise in software development and passion for financial technology are central to driving the website’s success in the dynamic world of small-cap stocks.


Dean McHugh

Contributing Author

Dean is a freelance content writer who contributes to various Digital Media Companies and independent websites all over the world. He has over 20 years of financial industry experience, so it’s safe to say he’s well informed.

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Contributing Author

Saad is a seasoned freelance web developer and SEO specialist with over a decade of experience in full-stack development and helping businesses enhance their online presence. Beyond his tech expertise, Saad actively invests in the NYSE and cryptocurrencies, staying informed on economic trends and fiscal policy.

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Faith is an enthusiastic freelancer and regular contributor to numerous finance blogs, creating valuable pieces to educate individuals on finance and fintech options. As a skilled writer, Faith has created content for diverse industries—if it exists, she’s likely written about it!

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Kevin is an experienced business development strategist and content writer specializing in finance and stock market topics. He has a proven track record of driving sales and enhancing communications for small businesses by blending academic knowledge with practical experience to create engaging and accurate content.

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Shivam has more than seven years of experience as an SEO content writer. Throughout that time, he has worked with companies all around the world to deliver useful and engaging content across a wide range of niches.

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Sa Bal is a content writer who specializes in tech topics, such as electric vehicles, smart devices, and artificial intelligence. With nearly 10 years of experience, she knows how to craft engaging and informative content that educates and inspires her readers.

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Kris is a finance consultant, content marketer, and speaker specializing in helping brands and business owners navigate complex concepts and decisions. Since earning her Finance and Accounting degree, Kris has spent over half a decade writing about financial and technological concerns of brands spanning different life cycles.

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Amanpreet Takhar is a freelance writer specializing in articles, blogs, and posts on the stock market. With a background in accounting and finance, she has experience in stock market investments, along with a solid academic background in finance as a whole.

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Joel Gbolade is a seasoned financial writer with over seven years of experience in freelance content creation. Specializing in the financial niche and stock market, he has crafted engaging content for numerous websites. His background in technology extends to data processing and computer proficiency, enriching his comprehensive skill set in the financial realm.